after 27 years & thousands of miles of road a miracle tomorrow we will be together again for just a couple of days to laugh & cry & love together hold hands, embrace wipe tears from each others face release the pain into each other & burn white hot in mindless passion 27 years ago we were both 17 our worlds were on fire & we found comfort lost in our own secret dream…..
hotdreamz 7/18/14 (via hotdreamz)

& it is as if that 27 years was only a day, as if we never left each others side, as if there were never any other lovers in between, as if we are the only two people in the universe, just happy, to just hold hands & just be…… hotdreamz 7/23/14


So folks, I am going to be dropping my follow to a few of you, although I do love your writing I have to move forward out of this hole I was led to. You all don’t like my writing anyway. I can’t much swallow seeing certain re blogs. I am up & onward.